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Few Service Charges for Preventive Maintenance:

No. Description
1. Computerized Engine Analysis (Check-up)
2. Computerized Engine Tune-up
3. Valve/Tappet Adjustment:
a) Engine Up To 800 cc
b) Engine Above 800 cc Up To 1300 cc
c) Engine Above 1300 cc Up To 1500 cc
d) Engine Above 1500 cc
e) Auto Tappet Setting
4. Gnition Timing Adjustment:
5. Computerized Wheel Balancing:
a) Rim Dia 10''-13''(per wheel)
b) Rim Dia 14 (per wheel)
c) Rim Dia above 14(per wheel)
d) Balancing Weight (Clip) per 5 grams
e) Balancing Weight (Adhesive) per 5 grams
6. Wheel Alignment (Checking)
a) Toe, Camber, KPI
(per vehicle)
Wheel Alignment Adjustment (Toe)
a) Rim Dia 10-13(per vehicle)
b) Rim Dia 14-16(per vehicle)
Chamber, KPI, Caster, Adjustment
a) Rim Dia 10-13(Per wheel)
b) Rim Dia 14-16(Per wheel)
7. Wheel Rotation:
a) Rim Dia 10-13(Per Car)
b) Rim Dia 14-16(Per car )
8. Tube Repair
a) Rim Dia 10-13(Per Leak/ Puncture)
b) Rim Dia 14-16(Per Leak/Puncture)
9. Tube Less Type Repair
a) Rim Dia 10-13 (Per Puncture)
b) Rim Dia 14-16 (Per Puncture)
10. Car Washing (With Form)
a) Care Up to 1500 cc
b) Cars Above 1500 cc
c) Micro Bus & Jeep
11. EFI System Service
12. Car Polishing (Exterior)
a) Cars Up to 1500 cc
b) Cars Above 1500 cc
c) Micro Bus & Jeep
13. Tyre Repair:
a) Cut up to Half
b) Cut up to one lnch
14. Auto Tyre Fitting
a) Rim Dia 10-13(Per Wheel)
b) Rim Dia 14-16(Per Wheel)
15. Tyre Branding: Per (Per Wheel)
16. Cleaning & Changing Shoes & Pads:
a) Rim Dia 10-13(Per Wheel)
b) Rim Dia 14-16(Per Wheel)
17. C.V.Joint Boot Cover Replacement (2Pcs)
18. Knuckle Joint Boot Cover Replacement (2Pcs)
19. Car Inspection (10 Point Check)

Few Service Charges for Curetive Maintenance

No. Description
1. Steering Box Overhauling (Car, Jeep, Microbus)
2. Suspension Overhauling (Car, Jeep, Micro, Bus)
3. C.V. Joint service/ Replacement (Car/ Jeep) 2 Pcs
4. Oil Seal (Transmission) Changing (Front Axle 2Pcs) Car
5. Gear Box Mounting Replacement Per Pc
6. Auto Transmission Oil Pump & Filter Wash/ Service
7. Deferential Gear Box Overhauling (Auto) Car
8. Shock Absorber Replacement (4Pcs) Car/ Jeep
9. Clutch Plate Replacement (From Axle) Car/ Jeep
10. Clutch Plate Replacement (From Axle) Jeep
11. Clutch Sleeve Cylinder Change/ Service Car
12. Clutch Master Cylinder Change/ Service Car/ Jeep
13. Brake Wheel Cylinder Service (4Pcs) Car /Jeep
14. Brake Master Cylinder (with Booster) Jeep
15. Engine Overhauling (800cc 1300 cc)
16. Engine Overhauling (1400cc- 1800cc)
17. Engine Overhauling (1800 cc- 2500 cc)
18. Engine Overhauling (2500- cc and above- Diesel)
19. Engine Main Oil Seal Change (Car)
20. Engine Mounting Replacement Per Unit
21. Accelerator Cable Change (Car)
22. Wheel hub Bearing Change (Per Wheel) Car /Jeep
23. Radiator Washing (Car)
24. Timing Belt Change Single Cam / Double Car
25. Engine Overhauling (only Head Work) Car
26. Carburetor Service Car/Jeep
27. Distributor Change Car /Jeep
28. Fan Belt Change
29. Water Pump Change (With Opening Timing System) Car
30. Distributor Oil, Cam Oil, Timing Cover Oil Seal Change (Car)
31. Cover Oil Seal Change (Car)
32. Water Pump Change Car
33. Radiator House Pipe Change Car (Per PC)
34. Thermostat Valve & Open Car
35. Self Starter Open& Fitting Car
36. Fuel Tank Open Wash & Fitting (Car / Jeep)
37. Mechanical / Electrical A.C Fuel Pump Change (Car)
38. Fuel Filter (EFI) Change Service (Car)
39. Radiator Fan Fixing (Car)
40. Electrical Control Unit (E.C.U) Change (Car)